Real Estate Tips

Why Real Estate Agents are “Essential”

As the state of Oklahoma continues to work to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Governor has announced measures that include closing non-essential business for the next few weeks. However, we’re happy to inform you that Real Estate agents, lenders and title companies have been named essential workers! On a broad scale, the Real Estate/mortgage industry is incredibly important to the economy, so that plays a major role in this decision. However, on a smaller scale, Real Estate agents are essential to individuals as well. Here’s why they Hildebrandt Home Team is an essential resource:

1: Our team will fight for you! All Real Estate agents are required to treat both parties with honestly and fairness, which is certainly our personal belief as well, but if there is a dispute over something, and the contract is on your side, you need someone who will go to bat for you.

2: Our team knows the nuances of the contract. What happens if the earnest money isn’t deposited? What if repairs are needed and the seller refuses? What if the buyer backs out 10 days before closing? The answers to these questions can save (or potentially cost) a lot of money. We can help answer those questions and educate you so you’re prepared.

3: Our team has access to information (and experience) the general public doesn’t have. Does the fridge stay or go? How long does it take to buy a short sale? How can I get updates when homes come on the market that fit my needs? The Hildebrandt Home Team has the resources and experience to answer all of these questions.

If you have ANY questions about today’s Real Estate market or process, please don’t hesitate to reach out. The market is still very active, even in these uncertain times. Call us at 918-417-6288, email, or find more resources on our blog here at!

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