Real Estate Tips

Tips for Seeing/Showing Homes during COVID-19

With the continued developments of how public officials and the public in general are handling the COVID-19 virus, we at Coldwell Banker and the Hildebrandt Home Team continue to adapt to the times as well. Our offices are closed to the public, and we’ll be working from home and trying to have interactions with our clients virtually unless absolutely necessary. However, we also know that some people still have to buy or sell Real Estate right now, and you SHOULD NOT make an investment that large without having seen the property. So with that in mind, here are some things to do if you have to be out looking at houses or showing your own.

1: Have hand sanitizer readily available. For buyers, use it both before you enter the home (so you don’t bring any germs in with you) and after you leave (so you don’t bring any germs back out). For sellers, having a bottle of hand sanitizer at the door may prevent germs from entering your home, but it will also help the buyer feel at ease and know that you’re doing everything possible to keep everyone healthy.

2: Leave lights on and doors open. Sellers, if you leave the interior doors of the home open, and you leave the lights on, that reduces the need for buyers to touch surfaces in the home. Buyers, unless specifically asked otherwise, leave the interior doors open and the lights on when you leave, again to avoid touching as many surfaces as possible.

3: Buyers, bring rubber gloves with you, and have a trash bag in the car to discard the gloves after each home you see. Sellers, if you happen to have rubber gloves, leave them out next to the hand sanitizer and have a trash can next to the door so they can discard them on the way out.

4: If you are sick, STAY HOME. This goes for both parties. We can find ways to get video or photos or perhaps send someone else into the home, but these are trying times and if we are sick, it’s best both for us and the people around us to stay at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

If anyone has suggestions, questions or tips, we’d love to hear them. Email us at Stay healthy!

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