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How Coronavirus is affecting Real Estate

There are a LOT of questions still out there about the Coronavirus and its impact on people all around the world. We at the Hildebrandt Home Team would never pretend to be medical experts, so we’re following the advice of the CDC and other experts as closely as possible.

We can however, speak to you about how the Coronavirus is affecting Real Estate here in Oklahoma. Here are a few of the main things to know/do if you’re currently in the Real Estate Market:

1: If you can go virtual, do it! In NO WAY are we saying to purchase a home without stepping inside of it, but if you’re looking to buy, consider virtual tours of homes for your first look. Some homes have them online, but if you’d like to see a home in a way that goes further than just pictures, let us know and we can do a video chat tour of some sort. Virtual Open Houses are also becoming more popular during this time, so keep an eye out for those as well.

2: Interest rates can change on short notice. Because of the affects on the economy overall, investments in mortgage bonds have been fluctuating. That has caused rates to go up a little, though as of this post it’s still possible to get a great rate on a home loan. Consult a loan officer to see what the current rates are and whether you may be able to lock a rate in.

3: Your health/needs should be your Real Estate agent’s top priority. We’re doing everything we can to help our clients stay healthy in this time. This includes providing the options of Virtual Open Houses, video tours, or if we do go into homes in person, carrying latex gloves and hand sanitizer. Don’t let the home market dictate your ability to stay healthy.

For now, we’re practicing our social distancing as much as possible. Follow along on our website or social media pages for updates. Search “Hildebrandt Home Team” on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Stay healthy!

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