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Adam’s “Why”


One thing I’ve learned in my first couple of years in the Real Estate industry is that it’s important to let the people around me know WHY I decided to get into Real Estate. There are two pretty simple reasons:

  1. I wanted a way to provide more for my family. If I’m being honest, the main reason I got into Real Estate was to help achieve the financial goals we’ve set out as a family, both in the short term and the long term. Real Estate allows me the flexibility to provide more financially for my family, be a caretaker for my wife and kiddos, and still chase my broadcasting dreams in the process! But even with those things in mind, I did chose Real Estate as a second profession for a reason, which is…
  2. It’s a service. I didn’t want to work a job where I had to try to up-sell people on a fancy item, or to simply crunch numbers or not work with people. I wanted to do something that would genuinely be a help to the people around me. I’ve learned from watching Dad over his last 20 years in the industry that Realtors provide a crucial service to their family and friends, and THAT is why I specifically chose to work in Real Estate as opposed to another industry.

I hope one day I might be able to assist you or someone you know, but hopefully this at least helps explain WHY I do what I do. If you’d like to talk about Real Estate, or even just say hello and have a quick chat, call, text or email me at any time. 918-829-5907, or adamh@cbtulsa.com!

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