Our Team

Our Favorite Phone Call

Frankly, there are a lot of reasons we enjoy being Real Estate Agents. We like being around people, we can earn a good living, and to a certain extent we can set our own hours. But of all the things we like about selling real estate, there’s one moment that stands out above the rest.

We absolutely LOVE when we get a call from a friend, or friend of a friend, that says
“We need help with Real Estate right now, and we want you to assist us because we know we can trust you and your advice.”

Selling or purchasing Real Estate is a HUGE deal. It’s likely that it will be the largest transaction of your life, and to trust someone to assist with that is something that shouldn’t be taken likely.

It is an absolute HONOR when someone comes to us and says they trust us to help, because we’ve worked hard to show the people around us that we are worthy of their trust both professionally and personally.

We want to earn that trust with you as well. If we can be of help or answer any questions about Real Estate that you have, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Phone: 918-417-6288

Email: hht@cbtulsa.com

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