Real Estate Tips

Don’t Bite on the Phrase “I can get you a deal.”

If you were shopping for a car, and a salesman you didn’t know ran up to you and said “I can get you a deal” before asking what you’re looking for, would you trust that salesman?

Why would you trust a Real Estate agent that did the same? Here is why you should run away from the phrase “I can get you a deal”, even when looking for a home.

The fact is, a particular piece of property has a specific value. There are several factors that play into that value, but it is very rare that a property owner is willing to sell you their Real Estate for thousands of dollars less than what it’s worth. Instead of getting assistance from someone who simply sees you as a transaction, and may try to sell you on that transaction with a “deal”, you should look for a Real Estate agent that wants to educate you on the process, inform you of all the factors at play on a property, and help you make the best possible decision to fit your needs.

If we can be of assistance, whether you’re ready to buy/sell or just want to learn more about the market or the industry, we’d love to help. Email us at, or call 918-417-6288!

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