Around Town

Local Spotlight: Mother Road Market

There are TONS of places around the Tulsa metro area where you can get great food or entertainment. We want to highlight those places that are part of our great community! Today’s topic…Mother Road Market!

Mother Road Market is located at 1124 S. Lewis Ave. in Tulsa. Open for lunch and dinner (except on Mondays), the market is a great place to go if you have a group of hungry people all wanting different things. They’ve got several well known favorites like Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ and Andolini’s Pizzeria, plus several other unique options like Chicken & The Wolf and Umami Fries. From seafood to salad to tacos, Mother Road Market has something for everybody. Don’t forget to stop for a local beer or some ice cream while you’re there as well!

P.S. – that picture at the top is a chicken sandwich from Chicken & The Wolf. Be careful with the amount of spice that you order on it, but it is definitely something you should have near the top of your things to try!

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